The Happy Pooch: A vet’s guide to a dog’s health care

Being a veterinarian is tough. Dealing with animals is a lot more complex than dealing with the human body. For some, the factor that determines this is the complexity of the anatomy of some animals. Since animals have different body parts, being a veterinarian requires knowledge for many types of anatomies of animals. Being a veterinarian also means that you get to operate on many kinds of animals. This is also tough work especially if the animals are unresponsive or uncooperative, and this will make the operations go longer. This job takes a lot of patience and knowledge to be fully-prepared for everything.


As a doctor for animals, it is common that pet owners go to vets for the checkup of the health of their pets. As the doctor, it is their job to see if the pet is being taken care of properly or to monitor the state of health of the animal. Many pets, such as dogs, are commonly brought to the vet due to illnesses and injuries caused by their surroundings. It is important that they are properly taken care of to avoid further damage.

When dealing with dogs, The Happy Pooch has a few points to consider that are very important to take note of especially if you are an aspiring vet:

  • Many dogs are wary of unfamiliar environment and people. When examining them, make sure that you won’t appear as threatening to them to avoid a defensive response that may sometimes result to barking and biting
  • Properly asses the condition of the do in question to apply the necessary treatment. It is important that the owner will cooperate in giving the details.
  • Get a stock of tranquilizers. These are for extreme cases of dogs that are prone to attacking anyone close to them. It is also important to load up on vaccines that may void viruses such as rabbies.

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