When to have your carpets cleaned at Comp Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks

Keeping your home clean is a no brainer and many homeowners devote ample time to clean every nook and cranny in their homes. Having a dirty carpet is such an eye sore not just to the homeowner but also to their guests and it becomes a reflection of the character of the owners of the house. This is why keeping the carpets cleaned is a basic that many homeowners give due attention to. It is normal that people vacuum their carpets every day to make sure that it is dust free and will not harbor bacteria and allergens. Aside from vacuuming, there are also homeowners who leave them in the sun to deodorize.

However, no matter how hard you clean your carpets using regular vacuum or even the sun, it is always best to have it cleaned professionally.

Deep seated dirt

Your regular vacuum may be able to remove the surface soil and dirt, but there are deep seated dirt that will accumulate in the fibers of your carpet that will be hard to clean. There are certain processes and chemicals used by professional cleaning companies like Comp Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks that will bring these deep-seated dirt to the surface making it easier to clean.

Various cleaning processes

The professionals can use various cleaning techniques to make sure your carpets are clean, look new and sanitized. The most popular techniques are:

  • Dry extraction method
  • Hot water extraction method
  • Cold water extraction method

Stain removal

While it is advisable to remove stains once they occur, removing them can become quite laborious. Baking soda usually does the job for simple stains, but using chemicals to remove stubborn stains may cause more harm than good not just to the carpet but to the user, as well. This is the reason why it is best to leave this process to the professionals.