Why Get Back To The Roots—betrothal gift singapore

Some traditions die over time due to several contributory factors, including the progression of time. Some say that the death of cultures and traditions is somehow inevitable. However, doing just a little research and applying some great traditional methods would be good enough. Getting back to the roots is not an approach everyone in the current age may consider, but there are some reasons to do so.

Bring Back The Tradition

A tradition that is great to keep is the one rooted in the rich history and culture of the area or by blood, especially when it is made for a good purpose. The practice of guo da li or giving of betrothal gift singapore is one of the traditions that do exactly that. Here are the reasons to get back to this ancient tradition.

  • It is intended for goodwill

Just like what has been mentioned, it is great to keep traditions that are made for good purposes. This tradition of gift-giving is done to symbolize gratitude and sincerity between the families. To some, this is also a way to wish each other good luck. In addition, the giving of gifts, in a literal sense, is the sharing of the giver’s blessing and the favor is returned; thus, the people involved gets the sense of gratefulness.

  • It helps establish a close family bond

Since the exchange is done between the families of the bride and groom, it helps establish a close family bond even though they may not be near each other. The simple act of sending gifts gives the impression that the other family cares. With this, it keeps the two families at par with their wishes.

  • It is a good tradition to keep alive

This is the type of tradition to keep because it purely insists on bringing positivity as well as the act of gratitude for something worth celebrating. After all, this doesn’t hurt anyone. It is a good tradition to keep and to preserve even for the coming generations.